Homily for the Sixth Sunday of Easter Year C by Fr. Jude Ifezime, C.S.Sp

Today is the sixth Sunday of Easter year c, one word that resounds in all our readings of today is the power of the Holy Spirit. Today from the First reading we see how the followers of Christ the apostles had an open mind and was disposed and gave the spirit the opportunity to bring about a resolution, about a crisis that was emanating as a result of circumcision the Holy Spirit intervened and a resolution was made and a solution was found to the challenge that was facing the disciples at the time.

When we look at the gospel reading of today we see Jesus preparing his followers because his ascension was drawing near in time when he will no longer be with them physically and as such he was encouraging them and also preparing them for the challenges ahead telling them that even though he will no longer be present physically his father will send them the advocate the Holy Spirit who will be God’s presence among his people that goes to show us,  that even though he will no longer be physically present but his presence spiritually will still be with them through the presence of the Holy Spirit.

My brothers and sisters that points to the fact that the Holy Spirit continues to be live with us continues to dwell with us, continues to guide us, the question then would be do we have that openness do we have that positive disposition to allow the Holy Spirit a place in our situations, it could be  challenging moment difficulties the question would be do we give the Holy Spirit an opportunity because God does not struggle with us he gives us the free will, it is for us to give God a chance, to manifest His power in our lives and in our situations.

My brothers and sisters today Jesus tells us that if a man loves him he will give his words his commandments and that bring forth another question on this sixth Sunday of Easter do you love Jesus, do you love God with the word of God we continue to hear how much effort are you making to live it in your daily life, the word of God that we continue to hear that we continue to listen to, every day of our lives what impact is it making in your life, is it impacting positively, is it helping you to become a better person, is it helping you to impact in the lives of those who encounter you, in your place of work, in your place of business, in your school, in your market and wherever you find yourself?

The Holy Spirit of God is ever ready to guide to direct all those who open themselves positively like the disciples in today’s first reading my brothers and sisters the word of God is alive and active, it is for us to make good use of it because with the word we remain connected with God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit the word of God will bring peace will bring forth love will bring forth success will bring forth victory, will bring forth the necessary connectedness that we need for the divine. All the take is our desire to be close to God, our faith in God will continuously strive, we must continuously make effort to ensure that God continues to rule in our lives, my brothers and sisters what is the place of the Holy Spirit in your life, what role is the Holy Spirit playing in issues that pertains to you and your family it is very easy my brothers and sisters for us to talk about Jesus it is also very easy for us to talk about God the father, how many of us make out time for god the Holy Spirit God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, three persons in one God, they are all necessary for us as human persons.

We must make honest and sincere efforts to make the Holy Spirit part and parcel of our lives, in whatever we do the Holy Spirit should be involved just as we involve God the Father, God the Son as long as we continue to be cautious of his presence in our lives we can be rest assured that the blessings of God will continually abound in our lives. There would be peace, there would be God’s protection God’s guidance his deliverance, my brothers and sisters on this Sixth Sunday of Easter if for nothing to give the Holy Spirit a chance in our lives let us befriend the Holy Spirit and allow God to walk in our lives, we pray that god grant us the graces we need to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to guide and direct us.

Peace be with you. Amen



Homily for the Sixth Sunday of Easter Year C by Fr. Jude Ifezime, C.S.Sp