Today is the thirteenth Sunday in ordinary time Year C. From our readings todays, one theme that runs throughout is the fact that it is God that calls. When God calls us, it is for us to answer. God’s call to us is simply an invitation. Today we see from the first reading and the gospel, what it means for God to call an individual.

The question each one of us is asked today is, what is keeping you from answering the call of God. Jesus tells us in the Gospel today that, when a man is already on the plough there is no more looking on the back. What he is simply saying is that, from the moment we answer the call of God, we have to let go every distraction differing with that which comes from God. Speaking of these it is an invitation to examine our relationships and habits. It is time for us to examine ourselves and challenge ourselves, especially on bad habits.

By virtue of the fact that we are baptized Christians God has called us the way we are to be partakers of the ministry of saving souls. My brothers and sisters, are you already on that path of winning souls for Christ? Or is there something that is keeping you from going ahead to make disciples of all nations, the ministry Christ has called us into.

My brothers and sisters, we are encouraged today to move forward, to let go everything that stands as a barrier for us to live fully the word of God as true Disciples of Christ. That brings us to what St Paul talks about in the second reading: we have to be people of the Spirit, living the freedom given to us by the Spirit in truth and love. When we allow the flesh to begin to guide us it diminishes us, and the Spirit can no longer take full effect. We are to ensure that the Spirit guides our lives so that the love and freedom God has given us may become fruitful for us and for others, representing him to all people of the earth.

My friends in Christ, it is not late, we can begin today. We can change and resolve to commit ourselves to being true followers of Christ. The change will bring us closer to God. It is at the level of the Spirit that we meet God and become true disciples. St Paul encourages us to make honest and sincere effort to be people of the Spirit bearing fruits that will last to eternal life.

Dear friends in Christ, our God is a faithful God. He is always there to strengthen us. Let us embrace this wonderful invitation today and become true disciples and partners of Christ in his mission of winning souls.

We pray in a very special way today that we may never fall short of the graces we need to live as the Spirit of God guides us.

Peace be with you. Amen.

Homily for the 13th Sunday Year in Ordinary Time of the Year C by Fr. Jude Ifezime, C.S.Sp