Today, the three readings presented to us points out the fact that faith is a necessity in our journey of life.

In the gospel, the Apostles of Jesus request that Jesus increase their faith. Interestingly, we also see the need for a solid and firm faith in both the first reading and second reading. One would expect that the Apostles moving around with Jesus, and seeing the miracles Jesus was performing was enough to strengthen their faith. But no, today they request for increase in faith. That goes to show us that faith is a gift from God, it is something we need to pray for, it is something we need to desire, it is something we need to aspire for. God continues to strengthen us, even in the face of difficulties in our lives. We can see from the first reading of today, a frustrating Habakkuk, a prophet who was frustrated as a result of the challenges facing him at the time. Today he makes a request of God, he asked questions, he wants to find out why the situation is the way it is and Jesus simply says that he needs to be patient, he needs to hang in there, because the God we serve is a faithful God. At his appointed time whatever he has promised, he will fulfill in our lives.

Dear friends in Christ, you may be passing through one difficulty or the other, you may be frustrated just like the prophet from the first reading of today, and Jesus is saying to you, that you should hang on, have faith and confidence in him. It can never be too late, he knows what you are going through, he is on your case and as a result, at his appointed time it will become history, at the appointed time your story will change because we serve a faithful God, a God that stands by his promises just like he strengthens the prophet in today’s first reading, in the same way he is strengthening you and I. The lord is saying to us that our situation is not permanent, that situation is simply a passing phase in our lives. All we need is to be steadfast, to hang on, and to trust him and at his time he will manifest his power in our situation and change our stories.

That is why my brothers and sisters in Christ, we must learn to trust in God even when we go through the challenges of life. The challenges of life will always be there but our joy should always be at all times, the fact that we have a God that is reliable, a God that is merciful, a God that is faithful, a God that is compassionate and a God that is always with all those who trust and believe in him.

That is why we must continually strive to pray for this gift of faith, to draw nearer to God so that through our quest, to be close to him, we may experience his blessings, we experience increase in faith, because without faith, it is difficult and challenging to truly serve God.

Dear friends in Christ, like in second reading from St. Paul’s second letter to Timothy, we see the wonderful words of encouragement coming from Paul to Timothy. There is need for us to hang on, there is need for us to remain steadfast, there is need for us to trust God, and he never disappoints or fails those who trust in him. Faith in God is a necessity in our lives, faith in God will continue to draw us closer to him and faith in God will continue to propel us to greater things.

Dear friends in Christ, on this 27th Sunday of the year c in ordinary time, the Lord is saying to you and I, that there is need for us to get closer to him, to build our trust in him, to build our faith in him, to build our confidence in him, because he is ever faithful and will never disappoint all those who truly trust in him.

We pray in a very special way on this day that God will increase our faith. Peace be with you. Amen!

Homily of the 27th Sunday of the Year C in Ordinary Time by Fr. Jude Ifezime, C.S.Sp