The prophet Isaiah presents to us on this 2nd Sunday of advent a message of hope that should strengthen our resolve to make our preparation for the coming of the messiah strong and more convincing. It is a message that is saying amidst the difficulties and challenges of life that we have gone through in the past and also in the present, God is going to change our story and situation with the coming of his chosen one for his people Israel; and by extension you and I. Like we know, the prophet was talking about Jesus himself. Therefore, what are you doing as an individual to ensure that your preparation during this season of advent is good enough to make you prepared and ready for him when he comes? We are all invited to be part of this new kingdom of the reign of God. The season of advent presents us a foundation on which to build and accomplish this great feat. Resolve to make this year’s advent worthwhile by working hard to live according to the gospel imperatives.

This will be easier for us to accomplish if we take seriously the 2nd and gospel readings. They present to us a road map that will guide us towards our goal or destination; which is been prepared to receive Christ when he comes and to be part of the reign of his kingdom. In the gospel reading, there is a call to repentance during this season of advent by John the Baptist. He is simply inviting us to a change of lifestyle. That we should embrace the teachings of Christ in the scriptures and begin to practice them in our daily life. If we are able to do this, it will be easier for us to be ready and prepared for his coming. This accomplishment, will make us people who present fruits that will stand the test of time; fruits that will last. Thus, this will bring us to the question, are you bearing fruits? What type of fruits are you bearing? Will it lead you to eternal life and also help other people to eternal life? It is never too late for us to resolve to be part of those bearing good fruits that will bring about the establishment of Gods kingdom here on earth.

Also, some of these wonderful attributes we see in the life of John the Baptist, can also be very important means for a better preparation for us all during this season of advent. In the action of John, we see love, contentment and humility. These are wonderful virtues that can help in the building of Gods kingdom and bearing of fruits that will endure. His love of God and neighbor is seen in the way he handled the assignment given to him by God. He was happy and contented with been a forerunner for Christ. That is why he was comfortable telling the people that Christ is greater than him. It also shows the depth of his humility. These wonderful attributes, is a necessity in our life and the world today. Let us strive during this season of advent to make effort and live them in our daily life. It will help to make us true Disciples of Christ and also help to establish the reign of Gods kingdom that we all look forward to, as presented to us in the 1st reading of today by the prophet Isaiah.

In the 2nd reading from St. Paul’s letter to the Romans, he emphasizes the need for peace and harmony amongst the children of God. Dear friends in Christ, you will agree with me that our world today is in serious need of peace and love. Whether in our individual life, in our family, in our country or in the world at large. Let us resolve to promote things that binds us together as human beings, rather than things that divides us. Let us emphasize less our race, colour, status, nationality and so forth. They do not promote peace and unity; they rather bring about wars, violence, division and so forth. If we truly want to establish the reign of Gods kingdom and bear good fruits, then we must take these issues seriously.

It is my prayer on this 2nd Sunday of advent that we will take Gods invitation seriously and bear eternal fruits for the kingdom of God. Peace be with you! Amen!

Homily for the 2nd Sunday of Advent year A by Fr. Jude Ifezime, C.S.Sp