28th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B (Wisdom 7:7-11 Hebrews 4:12-13 Mark 10:17-30)

Theme: Detachment

The first reading today talks about wisdom and it reminds us about the saying from the scriptures “seek first the kingdom of God and every other thing will be added unto it”. With wisdom come other blessings from God. In view of this, we are admonished to pray that God gives us this wonderful gift that takes care of so many other aspects of our lives as a people. The gift of wisdom is an overwhelming gift. It is a virtue that will continue to guide us as long as we put it into good use in our lives.

When we talk about wisdom we see all the attributes that comes with it, and taking into consideration what they would do in our lives we cannot but continually strive and beg God for this wonderful gift that is presented to us in our liturgy. For this gift also to be more meaningful to us it is also important that we go by what the second reading admonishes. That is, to be conscious of the fact that the word of God is alive and active. This word of God becomes more meaningful and active in our lives when we put them to practice. Not just hearing them without acting on them in our daily lives.

It is also interesting to note the discussion that went down between Jesus and the man. Jesus made it very clear that detachment is a necessity for the kingdom. My brothers and sisters in Christ, the liturgy challenges you and I to a life of detachment, Jesus was not saying that the rich cannot go into the kingdom. He was simply saying that those who are attached to their wealth will find it difficult to make heaven. You and I know that in one way or the other we are all rich, we are all wealthy; so we are all involved. Taking into consideration the gifts that God has given us all. It is not only about material gifts, it could also be gifts like wisdom, counseling and patience. It all depends on how we want to look at it and how we appreciate what God has given us and what he continues to give to us.

Jesus is saying to us that detachment from material things is a necessity for the kingdom. My brothers and sisters, the wealth you have, the gifts he has given to you, how well are you using them for the glory of his name and the propagation of the good news and the kingdom? Wealth is good and it is a gift from God, but what makes the difference is how we make use of it. We must always remember my brothers and sisters that whatever we have today, by way of wealth, by way of success is simply out of God’s love. Therefore we have to continually appreciate God and the gifts he has given us. As long as we are appreciative and it reflects in our lives, in our human relationships and in the way we lead our lives; we can be rest assured of the blessings of God.

As children of God, we are all encouraged to mirror Christ and his teaching in our world, if we truly want to lead people to God and his kingdom. This is one way through which we can make positive impact in the lives of those who encounter us and in the society in which we live. Always remember that whatever you have as wealth is simply a gift from God. Why then do we use these gifts to be oppressive? Why do we oppress people with our power? Why do we oppress them with our authority? Why do we oppress them with our wealth? Our gifts should be used to add value to people’s lives and liberate them, not to manipulate or exploit them. May God grant us the grace to use our gifts wisely. Peace be with you.


Homily for the 28th Sunday of the Year B, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp