Homily for Solemnity of Christ the King (Daniel 7: 13-14 Revelations 1: 5-8 John 18: 33b-37)

Theme: Christ, our King

Today the church celebrates Christ the King, and it is also the last Sunday of the liturgical year. As we celebrate the kingship of Christ today, it calls to mind a fundamental question. Who is the king in your life? Who is the king in your family? The church invites us today to celebrate Christ as the king of our lives, families, country and the world. It is an opportunity for us to enthrone him in our life and invite him in a special way to take absolute control of our lives.

Dear friends in Christ, can we confidently say today that Christ is the king of our lives, families and country? If our answer to this question is yes, then we can say to God be the glory. But if it is no, then let us resolve today to enthrone God in our lives, families and country. Today’s celebration will give us the opportunity to renew our commitment to him in all aspects of our lives. This has to necessarily reflect in our actions and in our deeds. This will help us as children of God to impact positively in the society in which we live and also in our families. The world, in which we live today, is in need of authentic witnesses who impacts positively in the lives of other people. As people of God, we are called to mirror Christ in all that we do in our daily lives and by so doing winning souls for the kingdom of God as we equally make our way to the kingdom.

As we celebrate Christ as our king today, the Lord enjoins us to emulate his own model of kingship. A model that challenges what is obtainable in our world today. A king that is willing to lay down his life for those he is leading. A king that is at the service of his people and work for their good at all times. He is concerned about the good and comfort of those he is leading and thinks less of his personal comfort. At all times, our actions should reflect this wonderful attributes of Jesus who is the king of our lives, families and the world at large. Thus, we have to renew our commitment to Christ the King and ensure that we remain his true ambassadors by the way we live our daily lives. If this does not reflect in our actions and in our deeds, it has implications. One of the implications is the fact that we will be putting a barrier between us and God, and by so doing keeping away ourselves from the kingdom.

Let us resolve as we celebrate him as King, to give him a chance in our lives, and allow him to lead us and help us to become better Christians and followers. The more we strive to emulate Christ the King, the better Christians we will become and also better children of God. No matter our situation at the moment, he is more than able to change the narratives of our lives. All we need is to give him a chance in our lives and he will make us worthy instruments in his hand. Always remember, with God all things are possible. He says my grace is sufficient for you. Let us give God a chance in our lives and He will show us that He is God.

It is my prayer that God will grant us the grace to be true ambassadors of Christ at all times. Peace be with you.





Homily for the Solemnity of Christ the King Year B, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp