Homily for the 2nd Sunday of Advent Year C

               Baruch 5: 1-9    Philippians 1:4-6.8-11     Luke 3: 1-6

Theme: A call to glory!

On this 2nd Sunday of Advent Year C, our liturgy presents a road map that will help us to have a fruitful Advent season. Such that will help us to be properly prepared spiritually to meet him when he comes. It is a call to repentance that is driven by love of God and neighbour, as seen in St. Paul’s Letter to the Philippians in today’s 2nd reading.

The prophet Baruch in the 1st reading presents a prophetic message to the Israelites about the brighter future that awaits them as a result of God’s love for his people. A message of liberation and restoration for the people; as a result of what they may have lost in the past. The message of the Prophet Baruch is very important to us during this season of Advent, when we are waiting in joyful expectation for the coming of Jesus Christ. We have to work and prepare to claim this wonderful blessing that awaits us in the future, as promised by God.

Let us begin by adhering to the clarion call of John the Baptist in today’s gospel reading; it is a call to repentance. We have to level the mountains in our life and fill the valleys equally. What this simply means is that we have to retrace our steps from every action that is displeasing to God and embrace the gospel imperatives, through the practice of Christian virtues. It is never too late with God! We can resolve today to embrace holiness of life and be true ambassadors of Christ where ever we find ourselves. This singular action will attract the blessings of God to us and also prepare us for the coming of Christ in glory.

When we live our life in such a way, we radiate the glory of God at all times. May the Glory of God never depart from our life, through Christ our Lord. Peace be with you.

Homily for the 2nd Sunday of Advent Year C, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp