Thursday of the 4th week in ordinary time year 2

Theme: We are sent

In the gospel reading for today, Jesus sends out his twelve Apostles two by two and empowered them for the mission. This empowerment prepared them for the mission ahead of them. In the same way, God has sent and empowered us by virtue of our baptism to go and make disciples of all nations. The question is how many of us have taken this mandate seriously? Many of us do not believe that we have what it takes to reach out to others in the name of God. Many of us tend to think that it is the job of a priest to do that and not the laity. We forget that we are priests, kings and prophets. Do not lose your prophetic voice. When God sends you, he empowers you. Let us resolve today to propagate the good news of the kingdom, through our preaching and lifestyle.

Whatever God says he will do, is what he will do. He has the final say in every situation in our life. When he commissioned us at baptism, he empowers us for our mission here on earth. His supremacy over everything he has created is never in doubt. This is reiterated in the response to our psalm today; “O Lord, you rule over all”. Dearly beloved in Christ, let us resolve today to do all within our power and with the help of God’s grace to be good representatives of God here on earth.

This also in line with the farewell speech of David to his son Solomon, as he prepares him for his demise. He gave him wonderful words of encouragement that will help him to live a good life after his demise; and build a good relationship with God. These words of David are also extended to all of us as children of God. Take it seriously and you will remain a true representative of God here on earth. May God grant us the grace to do God’s will at all times. Peace be with you.



Homily for Thursday in the 4th week year 2, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp