Thursday of the 5th week in the ordinary time of the year 2

Theme: The grace of final perseverance

Today the church celebrates the memorial of St. Scholastica, a virgin. The St. we celebrate today was a Nun and the sister of St. Benedict. She strived after holiness of life, and lived it. A Christian attribute that challenges us as Christians in our own time. The life of St. Scholastica is an invitation for us to embrace holiness of life. This is very important, taking into consideration how Solomon and his father David ended their lives. We have to always pray for the grace of perseverance, so that towards the end of our life we will not make mistakes that will make God angry with us. The consciousness of the fact that we are humans and not perfect, should always make us humble and focussed; lest we make grave mistakes that we may end up regretting.

In the gospel reading, we also see another aspect to perseverance. The mother of the girl that was possessed was not angry with the statement of Jesus “…for it is not right to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs”. Some of us would have gotten angry with Jesus immediately, but the woman was not, but rather answered Jesus with a lot of humility. Her answer greatly influence Jesus and immediately Jesus granted her request and her daughter was healed. She knew what she wanted and that was her focus, she refused to be distracted. Dearly beloved in Christ, we must try to remain focused at all times and refuse to be distracted by things that are not important. These distractions can come in different ways and through different means. Refuse to be distracted and everything will end to the glory of God and for our own good.

Also, St. Scholastica did not allow the distractions of the world to make her lose focus of the glory of the kingdom, and she persevered until the end. We can also make that happen in our life, if we trust in God and strive after holiness of life. May God grant us the grace of final perseverance. Peace be with you.

Memorial of St. Scholastica, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp