8th Sunday of the ordinary time year C

            Sirach 27:4-7   1 Corinthians 15:54-58   Luke 6:39-45

Theme: The type of fruits we bear

The readings we have today, admonishes us about our words and actions. It presents us an opportunity to reflect about our call to discipleship; in relation to our words and actions. It also presents us the opportunity to do some self-assessment, as it concerns our words and actions. Our readings today also admonish us to guide against been judgemental in our dealings with one another. Our discipleship becomes very enriching when there is harmony between the word of God that we carry and the life we lead.


My brothers and sisters in Christ, we are encouraged to live lives worthy of emulation. It is an opportunity for us to go into ourselves, to do some kind of introspection, taking the Gospel imperatives as a guide. This is because for us to live a life that is worthy of the name Christian and pleasing to God, we have to put into practice the teachings from the word of God. It is only when we live that way that we have the moral justification to correct others who are erring. My brothers and sisters in Christ, the Lord continues to admonish us especially as we move towards the Lenten season for this year. It is for you and I to embrace the admonition from our readings today. To be mindful of what we say, to be mindful of the kind of life we live, trusting in God and following His injunctions. There is no doubt that sometimes we encounter people with double faced personality. In such cases, the wisdom of God will always direct us, the wisdom of God will always give us the necessary insight that we need to be able to decipher when somebody is a sycophant and when the person is speaking from his or her heart.


Therefore, as children of God we must be very careful and sensitive about what we store in us. We must be very sensitive about what comes out of us because as children of God whatever comes out of us should be that which gives glory to God because people around us expect us to bear good fruits; fruits that give glory and honour to God’s name. Anything short of that brings disdain, anything short of that can easily mislead others. We, as children of God must live lives that is worthy of emulation, so as to bear fruits, fruits that will last, fruits that will bring glory to the God we serve; fruits that will stand the test of time.


We pray in a very special way on this 8th Sunday that God will grant us the graces we need to bear fruits, fruits that will last; through Christ our Lord. Amen. 





Homily for the 8th Sunday in the ordinary time year C, by Fr Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp