Third Sunday of Advent year A

Theme: Rejoice!

Today is the 3rd Sunday of Advent year A. It is also known as the Gaudate Sunday, which means rejoice Sunday. The invitation that we should rejoice today, is as a result of the fact that we are getting closer to the coming of Jesus and we are all joyfully waiting and preparing for it. In the 1st reading from the prophet Isaiah, we are all encouraged to trust in God and look toward the future with hope and great joy. This stems from the fact that the future will bring us great joy and happiness, as God enthrones a society that will promote peace, love, unity and collective growth and development. There will be no fighting, bitterness, hatred and wars. Peace will reign supreme and people will live together in love and harmony. That is why we have to trust in God and remain steadfast in our faith, not minding what we are presently going through in our lives; they are temporal and will not remain permanently. The coming of the Lord will change our situation and bring us gladness for grief.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, in the 2nd reading from St. James, we are all encouraged to be patient, while we await the coming of the Lord. This is very important, because with the coming of the Lord, there will be good tidings that is capable of changing the difficulties and challenges that we are presently passing through in our lives. The coming of Christ is very close, so let us continue to pray as we wait patiently for his coming. This is not the time for us to lose faith in God or begin to grumble; rather it is a time of great hope and trust in God. Knowing fully well that he is coming to change the narrative of our life and calm the storms in our lives that have made us uncomfortable.

In the gospel reading of today, John sent some of his followers to find out from Jesus if he was the Messiah. The way Jesus answered the followers of John is worthy of emulation, without any form of pride; go and tell John what you hear and see. With that response, he answered the question of John. Jesus also went further by telling the people that John was a great man. He gave them an insight about the mission of John the Baptist as a forerunner who prepared the way for the messiah. Let us all emulate John the Baptist, who patiently accomplished his mission of preparing the way for the Lord.

Dearly beloved in Christ, we are all encouraged on this 3rd Sunday to remain steadfast and trust in God. No matter what you are going through at the moment in your life, continue to prepare and wait in joyful hope. Rejoice and trust in God. May the Lord bless his words in our hearts, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy Spirit . Amen. Peace be with you.

Homily for the 3rd Sunday of Advent year A, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp