Saturday of the 5th week in the ordinary time of the year

Theme: Obedience to God

In the 1st reading from the Book of Genesis, we see where the disobedience of Adam and Eve led them. They have now recognized the fact that they were naked and are hiding away from God. All this happened because they disobeyed God and wanted things to be done their own way, out of curiosity and the intention to be like God. Their obedience to the word of God, would have saved them from the punishment of God, as seen in the 1st reading of today. In view of this, we must be conscious of the fact that obedience to the word of God is very necessary in our lives as children of God. Always remember that God knows what is best for us and will never lead us astray. Be humble and follow his directions for you, and you will never regret it. As human people, we are limited and do not know what awaits us in the future. But if we allow God who knows our end from our beginning to guide and direct us, we will never make this type of mistake that was made by our first parents.

My sisters and brothers in Christ, another thing that is worthy of note, is the way they both failed to take responsibility for their mistake. Instead of accepting her mistake and plead for the mercy of God, Eve was pushing the blame to the serpent, and Adam was pushing the blame to Eve. None of them took responsibility for their action, they were rather shifting the blame to the serpent and the woman. It is very possible that they may have gotten the forgiveness of God, if they accepted their mistake and plead for the mercy of God. In the same way, some of us find it difficult to take responsibility for the choices we make, especially when they turn out negative. We have to learn to be responsible for our actions and apologize when the need arises. There is nothing wrong in saying I am sorry when we make mistakes, it doesn’t diminish us in any way.

Dearly beloved in Christ, todays gospel reading also points out the fact that we serve a compassionate and loving God. Jesus could have asked the people to leave and get themselves something to eat, but he did not do that, but rather multiplied the available loaves and fish to feed the crowd. We serve a God that loves us so very much and looks out for us at all times. Trust in him and allow him to lead your way and you will never regret it. May almighty God bless us in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Peace be with you.

Saturday of the 5th week in the ordinary time, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp