Homily for Good Shepherd Sunday, Year A

      Acts 2:14A, 36-41 1 Pet. 2:20B-25 John 10:1-10

Theme: Accept God’s invitation

Today the church celebrates the Good Shepherd Sunday and a day of prayer for vocations to the priesthood and religious life. In our readings today, we are given an insight about what it entails to be a good follower or sheep and the challenges that goes with it. In the gospel, Jesus presents himself as the Good Shepherd, and we his children are his sheep. As a Good Shepherd, Jesus made it clear that, as many that enter through him will be saved. This assertion from Jesus himself is an open invitation to all of us who truly desire to make salvation at the end of our earthly journey. Accept this wonderful invitation today and change the narrative of your life forever.


Also, today is an opportunity for us to pray for the gift of vocations in the church. The vineyard is big, but the labourers are few. Let us pray today that the Lord of the vineyard, who is the Good Shepherd, will send more labourers to his vineyard. We all have a role to play towards promoting the work in the vineyard of the Lord. In the first reading of today, we see Peter and the other Apostles preaching to the people and inviting them to embrace the new way of life that the death and resurrection of Jesus is presenting to them. Interestingly, the people were greatly touched by the message presented to them by Peter and the other Apostles, and they accepted the invitation by accepting baptism as requested by the Apostles. They made a major decision that changed the narrative of their lives. In the same way, we are all invited to accept this wonderful invitation that will bring forth renewal and transformation in our lives; just like we see in the first reading of today. It is a call to a change of lifestyle, a life that is worthy of emulation and is truly Christian.


If we are to live this new change life in Christ, then there is a prize that we must pay. This prize could come in the forms of persecutions, betrayal or even death. This is because the new life in Christ is a life that contradicts the life of the world. However, we should not be discouraged, for Good Shepherd has reassured us of his ever-loving presence as his sheep. The gospel reading presents to us today: the Good Shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep. Therefore, be rest assured that this Good Shepherd of ours is one that is willing and ready to give everything for the good of his sheep. The actions and attitude of Jesus the Good shepherd is a wakeup call for all of us who are shepherds in one way or the other; to do the needful. Let us stop living our lives like hirelings, but rather emulate the self-less life of Jesus the Good Shepherd. This is very important, especially as we continue to strive to be worthy ambassadors for Christ. It is pertinent that we show love and care to people around us, as much as possible. I pray that the Good Shepherd heal us. Amen.  Peace be with you!




Homily for Good Shepherd Sunday year A, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp