Wednesday, January 10th

1 Sam. 3:1-10.19-20      Mark 1: 29-39

Theme: Jesus the healer

In the gospel reading of today from St. Mark, we are told about how Jesus healed the fever of Peter’s mother in-law and all those who were brought to him with different types of sicknesses. He has not changed; he is still the greatest of all the healers. Even in our own time, Jesus is still going about restoring people to good health. The most important thing is for you to see a physician first and then hand everything over to God. The medical practitioners will give you the treatment that you need, but it is God that heals at the end. That is why when you meet some doctors that are humble, they will say, we treat, and God heals.

This goes to show us that the God we serve has power over any sickness that we may be having now in our lives. Today is a good opportunity for us to present that health situation in our life to God with faith and trust, hoping that he will come to our assistance. One thing you must know is that God’s timing is different from our human timing. Never say I am tired of presenting my situation to God, you never know, today may just be your day of healing. Tell him again today and wait patiently for him to respond to your prayer for healing. He restored Peter’s mother-in-law, and she went about serving the people. This can only be God, at the end of the day, it is worth waiting for him.

It is also important to point out the fact that after healing the people and casting out demons, he went to a lonely place to pray. Showing us the necessity of prayers in everything we do in our lives. It is a way of replenishing what he has given out as he healed those who came to him sick. Remember he is God, but he still finds time to go to a lonely place to pray, after the days job. Why do you find it difficult to make out time to pray? Are you busier than Jesus or are you working harder than Jesus. Those who are into the healing ministry know the type of energy that goes into it. Let alone the case of Jesus, who had to attend to the sick people that were brought to him, and still found time to go and pray. Many of us would have given the excuse of, I am very tired.

We are all encouraged to emulate Jesus in his disposition towards prayer. May the Lord bless you in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit, Amen. Peace be with you.

Wednesday, January 10th, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp