Friday, January 12th

1 Sam. 8:4-7.10-22a         Mark 2: 1-12

Theme: Let God lead

In the 1st reading of today from the Book of Samuel, we see how the elders of Israel went to Samuel and asked him to appoint for them a king. This is because they want to be like other nations who also have kings, they fail to understand the fact that God is in control of the happenings in their life. Even when Samuel brought back the message of God to them, that the king they seek is not going to favour them, they still insisted on having a king like others, and the Lord asked Samuel to do what they are requesting from him. The people have forgotten their story and has now been influenced by the nations around them and have decided to do things their own way, instead of allowing God to guide them like it has always been. This is where impatience can easily lead us to, and not been content with what God have given us. They simply wanted to have kings like all the other nations around them, forgetting that their story is different from the stories of those nations they want to copy.

Interestingly, even in our own time, some of us are still making the same mistake that was made by the Israelites. We are no longer patient with God, and we want to do things our own way, because we want to be like others. We forget the fact that our stories are not the same. We are all unique in our own way, and God deals with us as individuals too. What may work with one person may not work with another person. That is why it is very important that in everything we do in life, we must always allow God to lead us while we follow him behind. When we allow God to lead us, we can never get it wrong.

This was the mistake of the Israelites in todays 1st reading, they are relegating God to the background while they lead, and this was the beginning of their failure. We must learn to always let go and let God, that way we will be sure of arriving at our destination with little or no complications, unlike when we are in charge, and we relegate God to the background. We must learn to listen to the voice of God, even though sometimes it may not be clear to us at the beginning. Just trust in him and have faith, he will never fail or disappoint you at the end.  May the Lord grant us the grace to let go and let God lead us, in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit, Amen. Peace be with you.

Friday, January 12th, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp