12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

Job 38: 1.8-11 2 Corinthians 5: 14-17 Mark 4:35-41

Theme: Jesus has the Final Say

Today is the twelfth Sunday of the Year B. The three readings we have for this Sunday point out the fact that Jesus has the final say in any situation that we find ourselves in life. Until he speaks, there is still hope. We see that in the storms and challenges of life that Job experienced in his life and how it all ended to the glory of God and the good of Job. In the second reading, St. Paul reminds us about the fact that Christ has paid the supreme sacrifice with his blood and has brought us a new order that is different from the old one. Jesus in the gospel spoke to the storm and the sea became calm; even the storm obeyed him.

The reality of human life shows that there are moments when things will go the way we desire and there also situations when things go contrary to what we desire. This simply means that we must encounter difficulties and storms in our lives at one point or the other. The most important thing is that we must be ready and prepared for such moment, because they will surely come. We all know the story of Job and all the difficulties he encountered until God finally restored him and brought back peace to his life. In the same way, we see the Apostles of Jesus been threatened by storm on the sea. Remember some of them were fishermen, that shows how serious the storm was, to get them scared. With the words of Jesus, the storm was calm.

Jesus raised two very important questions in today’s gospel reading that is worth reflecting on. The questions are, why are you afraid and have you no faith? Jesus is also asking you and I the same questions as individuals. No matter the storm you are presently going through in your life, you serve a God that has the final say and has the power to speak to that situation and there will be calm. Why not present it to Jesus, just like his companions did on the sea, and he will speak to that storm in your life and family and a permanent calm and peace will be restored; just like in the case of Job. He is a faithful, trusted and reliable friend. Just have faith and trust in him and make him a part of your life and family, and you will never regret making that decision. He will never stay and watch you and your families drown in the storms of life; he will always come to your rescue.

Like the response to our psalm says, O give thanks to the Lord for he is good; for his mercy endures forever. As children of God, we are privileged people. God is still in control of the world and what he cannot do does not exist. We pray that the death of Christ on the cross will not be in vain in our lives, in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit, Amen. Peace be with you.





12th Sunday in ordinary time, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp