Friday of the 13th week in ordinary time

Amos 8: 4-6. 9-12   Mathew 9: 9-13

Theme: The anger of God

In the 1st reading from the prophet Amos, we see the anger of God against the people of Israel because of their way of life; they have deviated from the path of God and chosen a path that is not pleasing to God. There is oppression in the land against the less privileged, and they are exploited by the rich and wealthy in the land. The situation of the people of Israel in today’s 1st reading is very relevant in our own time. How are the poor and less privileged in our midst treated? Do they have the same opportunities and privileges that are enjoyed by the rich and their children? Are the laws of the land, the same for everybody? Not minding your status in the society, your race or colour? The answers to these questions are staring us all in the face. The liturgy of today is inviting us in a very special way to treat everyone with love and care, not minding the status of the person. One thing we must always remember is the fact that the less privileged are very dear to God, and he does not accommodate any unjust oppression against them.


Dear friends in Christ, we are all humans and children of God, let that always guide our actions as we deal with each other in our daily lives. We must never make ourselves instruments of oppression because of our wealth or privileged situation. Let us learn from our Lord and master Jesus Christ. With him, everyone had a place and an opportunity to be better than he or she was before encountering Jesus. His open mindedness is seen even in the way he related with all those who came to him and the way in which he chose his Apostles. Everyone was welcome and accepted by him, even those the society has placed a negative tag on, were his friends and he shared and ate freely with them. For instance, we see that in the life of his disciple Mathew. He was a tax collector and was seen as a public sinner. But Jesus went beyond the tag and chose him as one of his Apostles, and he remained steadfast in his faith in God until the end.

Jesus defended the call of Mathew and his association with tax collectors who were seen as public sinners. With Jesus, everyone had a chance to become a better person. Simply put, everybody deserves another chance, and no one should be written off because of the choices they have made in the their life in the past. In view of this, let us all emulate Jesus and threat everyone who encounters us right, not minding their status in life. As we do this, may almighty God bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Peace be with you.                  


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Friday of the 13th week in ordinary time, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp
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