Today the church celebrates the feast of the baptism of the Lord. A celebration that brings to an end the Christmas season. This feast also marks the beginning of the public ministry of Jesus. Looking at the readings presented to us today by the church, we realize that it is a clarion call for us to equally evaluate our individual baptism. When we did our baptism, we made some promises to God and if we did infant baptism, our parents and god parents stood-in for us. This is an opportunity for us to re-evaluate the baptismal promises that we made or was made on our behalf. How well have we been living it and how well are we resolved to live it in our daily life. They are promises that we must necessarily strive to keep in our daily life; especially as we celebrate the baptism of the Lord today.

Dear friends in Christ, it is also very important that we take the 2nd reading of today very serious, from Acts of the Apostles. We are reminded that God does not have favourite. All those who have the fear of God and live according to the imperatives of the gospel will be loved and richly blessed by God almighty. In view of this, it is important for us to ask ourselves a very important question, do we live like true children of God and live a life that is that is in accord with the baptismal promises we made to God? It is also important to note that the fear of God will help us to keep the promises we made to God. The answer to this question will help us to decide the next step to take in relation to the baptismal promises we made to God. This will help us to build a life that is built on love of God and neighbor. We will be able to live a life that is selfless, a life that thinks about the good of other people; a life that is devoid of any form of evil against other people. That is why we have to ensure that we do all within our power to put into practice the baptismal promise we made to God. With the fear of God guiding our daily life, we can be rest assured that at the end of our earthly pilgrimage, we will be with God in his heavenly kingdom.

In the gospel reading of today, we see the baptism of Jesus at river Jordan by John the Baptist. In the course of the baptism, a voice is heard, this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. This simply shows that God is at peace with Jesus; he is comfortable with his son that he is presenting to the world and will bring humanity salvation by going to Calvary. These words that is said about Jesus in today’s gospel, can God also say the same about us? This is my beloved son or this is my beloved daughter in whom I am well pleased. Let us use this opportunity to work on ourselves and be true sons and daughters of God that he is proud of the way we lead our lives. Is God pleased with the way we live our lives? If yes, thanks be to God and if no, then let’s begin today to live a good life that is pleasing to God.

Dear friends in Christ, as we celebrate the baptism of the Lord today, let us resolve to live a life that is worthy of the name Christian. A life that both God and all those who know us will be proud of and we are also happy about. It is very important that we resolve from today henceforth to live our lives with the fear of God.

It is my prayer today that God will grant us the graces we need to live our daily life with the fear and love of God. Peace be with you. Amen.


Homily for the baptism of the Lord Year A, by Fr. Jude Ifezime, C.S.Sp