On this 2nd Sunday of the year in ordinary time, the prophet Isaiah presents to us a message of hope from the 1st reading. He tells the Israelites what God has decided to do in their lives of the remnants returning from exile. The prophet emphasizes the fact that God is going to send them a person who will be a light to the nations; and the person the prophet is talking about is Jesus Christ. As children of God, we are all partakers of this light to the nations that the prophet Isaiah is talking about.

In the 2nd reading, St. Paul points out the need for us as children of God to live in accordance with the mandate God has given us to live like children of God and ambassadors of Christ. By so doing, living a life that is pleasing to God and also a light that will shine to the ends of the earth. A light that will dispel darkness where ever it finds itself. As children of God and people who have been commissioned by God, to take his words to the ends of the earth and be his witness here on earth; we are encouraged to live our lives in a way that it will be pleasing to God. By so doing, we will be true light to the world and true salt to the earth too. By so doing, all those who encounter us will feel Gods presence in our life and our light will always dispel everything that is not of God. Our light will bring forth renewal, progress and newness of life.

Dear friends in Christ, to bring this to fruition in our life, we have something to emulate in the life of John the Baptist in today’s gospel reading. The humility of John the Baptist challenges us as children of God and people who have been mandated by God to be his representatives. The humility of John the Baptist is something we should strive to make part of our life. Taking into consideration our world in recent times, most people wants to feel important, or to be in charge; very few people are willing to be followers and serve for the common good of all. But in the life of John the Baptist, we see the opposite. Even though he has gained the confidence of the people, was willing to tell the people the truth; which is that Jesus is greater than him. This is something that is in scarce supply in the world in which we live. Today most people want to be in charge, while others follow. Not minding whether they have what it takes to lead the people. John points out to the people that Jesus is the Lamb of God, someone greater than himself; he was not scared of losing his fame and popularity among the people; but was willing to lead the people to Jesus.

In view of this, we are all encourage to emulate the positive disposition of John the Baptist in all our life endeavours. Embracing a life of service, a life that is selfless and thinks about the good of others. A life that is not self-centered will drag us away from the blessings and love of God. It is also important to point out the fact that contentment is very important in our life as children of God. John was contented with the role given to him by God and he remained focused and fulfilled his goal. The mission of John is fulfilled today as he points out Jesus as the Lamb of God to the people. Have you been able to discover the mission of God for you? Are you contented with the mission God has given you? Or you are more concerned about the mission God has given to other people?

Remember, each one us has a special mission given to us by God, make effort to fulfil your mission by been a true witness of Christ where ever you find yourself. Be a light to the nations; just like Jesus did. May God grant us the grace we need to be true witness of Gods light in our daily life. Amen.


Homily for the Second Sunday of the Year A, by Fr. Jude Ifezime, C.S.Sp