Christmas Day Year C

Theme: Behold our King

Happy Christmas to you all! The preparation we embarked on since the 1st Sunday of Advent comes to its climax today with the celebration of the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, our king and saviour of the world. The Word made Flesh and dwelt amongst us. The prophet Isaiah in the 1st reading, enumerates to us the good tidings of great joy that accompanies the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. The coming of Jesus automatically changes the human story; the narrative of our lives. A new meaning is giving to our lives that bring us hope and joy. To us a child is born, the saviour of the world.

The birth of Christ is a gift to the world, and one of the ways to appreciate this wonderful show of love by you and I, is to resolve to live a life that is worthy of the name Christian. This is possible, taking into consideration the efforts we have been making since the beginning of Advent to prepare for the birth of Jesus Christ. When there is will, there is always a way to make it happen; He says my grace is sufficient for you. Jesus is the light of the World. His coming into the world today illumines our life, family and the world at large.

The celebration of God’s love for his people at Christmas is an invitation to you and I to imbibe this wonderful virtue of love in everything that we do. Let this same love be at the centre of your life and all that you do in your relationship with other people. This type of love is in great need in our world today, a love that brings about joy, peace, unity, happiness and selflessness. If only we can enthrone it in our lives, things will be different and our world will become a better place. When this is achieved, it simply means that we have enthroned Christ eternally in our lives, family and the world at large. May God grant us the grace to emulate the love of God in all that we do in our lives. Peace be with you!



Homily for Christmas Day Year C, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp