Monday of the 5th week of the ordinary time year 2

Theme: Faith in God

In our worship of the Devine, the power of faith cannot be overemphasized. The word of God says that if our faith is as small as the mustard seed, we will give a command and it will happen. The faith of the people in today’s liturgy is worthy of emulation. In the 1st reading, we see the faith of King Solomon and the people, in relation to the Ark of the Covenant. Also in the gospel, the people were convinced that if they can touch the fringe of his garment they will be made well; and all those who did were restored to good health. God does not fail those who have faith in God, we just need to be patient and wait on the Lord. It may take some time, but he will never desert those who trust in him.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, how much faith do you have in God? Our faith in God is tested when we are faced with situations that are beyond us, humanly speaking. At such moments, do you remain steadfast in prayer and believe God will change the situation in your favour, or you get impatient and get involved in things that you will not be proud to own up to in public? This is a time when some of us also get other people to go to places we cannot confidently go ourselves. This is very unfortunate and does not present us as true ambassadors of Christ. Today’s liturgy encourages us to retrace our steps and wait on the Lord; he is not man and cannot be deceived.

Let us trust in Gods process and be fair in our word and actions. Different situations may be testing our faith in God, don’t worry, just trust God and remain steadfast in faith. Always remember, no matter the situation, it is God that has the final say. What is important in such a situation is whether God is involved. If yes, then be patient with him. He never fails.

May God increase our faith.

Monday of the 5th week year 2, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp