Saturday of the 5th week in the ordinary time year 2

Theme: God loves us

In our reflection yesterday, I talked about how David and his son Solomon ended their lives, as a result of the mistakes they made and got God angry with their actions. In today’s 1st reading, we see Jeroboam making the same mistake, as a result of his feeling of insecurity. He forgets that the ten kingdoms that he governs were given to him by God. His fear of losing them was uncalled for. All he needed to do is to continue to do his work and align with God, and all will be well; with God on his side. Sometimes we see ourselves in such situations and begin to fight on our own, forgetting that it was God that gave us the victory in the first place. As long as it is from God, he will continue to protect it for us; all we need to do is to continue to do our best, be prayerful and trust in God, he will never allow you to be shamed.

In the gospel reading, we see Jesus feeding the multitude that came to listen to him and probably to be healed of their sickness. After spending some days with him, he could not send them away hungry; he rather fed them with bread and fish and had left over. By so doing, he took care of both their physical and spiritual need. God has not changed, even in our own time. He continues to take care of both the physical and spiritual needs of all those who go to him. Dearly beloved in Christ, we have to learn to trust in God’s love and mercy, no matter the situation we find ourselves in life. This is very important, because with God nothing is impossible. Simply put, what God cannot do does not exist. He loves you so much and will do anything to make you happy. Do your best and trust in Gods process. May God grant us the grace to always be conscious of his mercy and love, especially in times of challenges in our life. Peace be with you.

Saturday of the 5th week of the ordinary time year 2, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp