Thursday of the 5th week of Lent

Theme: Covenant keeping God

In the 1st reading from the Book of Genesis, God entered into a covenant with Abraham that will move from generation to generation. One of the fruits of this covenant is the change of the name Abram to Abraham, meaning ‘father of a great nation’. This was Gods way of acknowledging the loyalty and uprightness of Abraham to God. In the same way my brothers and sisters, we are all encouraged in a special way to do all within our power to live a life that is pleasing to God at all times and attracts the blessings of God. Let us strive to emulate Abraham in our practice of faith in all that we do. God is ever faithful to his covenant, trust in him at all times and remain loyal in your practice of faith; no matter the situation you find yourself.

Dearly beloved in Christ, how well are we keeping the covenant we have made with God at different times in our life? God is always faithful to his covenant; can you confidently say you are also faithful? This is a very important question that we need to reflect about as individuals and as a group. God’s promise to Abraham to be God to him and his descendants has continued from one generation to the next. It is in the nature of God to be faithful, so he will never go against his covenant with his people. But the real challenge is for you and I to keep our own side of the covenant. Each time we receive any of the sacraments, we pledge our loyalty to God; do we end up keeping the pledge and promises we make to God or we break them repeatedly?

The season of Lent encourages us to make honest and sincere effort to keep the pledge and promises that we make to God and one another at different times in our life. If we truly desire to make that positive change in our life and work for it, the grace of God will make it happen in our life. May God grant us the grace to be faithful to our covenant with God at all times. May Almighty God bless you, in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit. Peace be with you.

Thursday of the 5th week of Lent, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp