Monday of the 14th week in the ordinary time

Theme: Faith in God

In the gospel reading of today, the two people who had an encounter with Jesus, showed us the depth of their faith in him. The action of the ruler who knelt before Jesus, pleading for his daughter who was dead, says a lot about the kind of faith at play in this situation. The daughter was dead, but he was convinced that if Jesus lays his hand on her, she will live; this is active faith in practice. Ordinarily most of us would have accepted the situation and plan for the burial of the girl. This action should challenge our faith as Christians and followers of Christ. His attitude simply shows that he had faith in Jesus and also believed that he had the final say in what happens in the life of his daughter.

My brothers and sisters and Christ, let us emulate the action of this ruler who believed that the touch of Jesus will bring her daughter back to life. Humanly speaking, it is a hopeless situation; but the intervention of Jesus changed the story and the daughter was brought back to life by Jesus; confirming the faith of the father. In the same way my brothers and sisters in Christ, let us also go to Jesus with that situation in our life and family that seem hopeless, and allow God to speak life into it, by restoring us and granting us our heart desire. All we need in this instance, is our faith in God and he will show us that he is still answering the prayer and request of all those who trust in him.

Also, in the encounter between Jesus and the woman suffering with the issue of blood, we also see the depth of her faith in Jesus. She said if only I can touch the fringe of his garment, I will be well. We were told that immediately she touched it, she was restored to good health and the blood stopped. Just like in the case of the ruler whose daughter died, it is faith in practice. In our relationship with God, with is very important. It will bring us God’s blessings in a way that we do not expect. Sometimes in our life, when the favour of God is upon us, even those who are not our friends will use their attitude to lead us to where God wants us to be. Taking into consideration the smell of blood, most of the people will be avoiding the woman with the issue of blood, and that will make her passage to reach Jesus faster. God works in mysterious ways in our lives.

May God grant us increase in faith, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Peace be with you.

Monday of the 14th week in the ordinary time, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime. C.S.Sp