Monday of the 15th week in the ordinary time

Theme: Choose to do what is right

Today the church celebrates the memorial of St. Benedict Abbot, the Father of Monasticism. He left behind the wealth of his family and embraced an austere life as a monk in the Benedictine monastery he founded. As we celebrate him today, what readily comes to mind is the kind of life he lived, a life that is worthy of emulation. He served God with deep conviction that guided everything he did, just like his twin sister St. scholastic a nun. His life was greatly rooted in prayer and service to the people. Thus, as we celebrate him today, it is an opportunity for us to re-evaluate our prayer life as a Christian and a child of God. Do you have a personal prayer life, or you pray only when you come to church or you are in trouble. We have to go beyond that and try to develop a good relationship with God that is not limited to only when we are in trouble and need his help. We must strive to pray both in good times and in bad times, that way our relationship with God will continue to grow and get stronger. Lest we make God an ATM;  by going to him only when we need him.

So that we don’t find ourselves in the situation of the Israelites in today’s 1st reading, when we call on God and he will not listen to us. The prophet Isaiah gives us an insight on what we should do as children of God, so that we don’t incur the wrought of God upon ourselves. None of us can stand the wrought of God dearly beloved in Christ, so let us embrace what is good and right, by turning away from sin and everything that is evil and displeasing to God. Let us strive to emulate St. Benedict in his teaching and way of life that was good and pleasing to God. His grace is sufficient for all of us, as we work and pray. Always remember that with God everything is possible, with him there is no impossibility, and that is the God we serve; so what is stopping you from being a true child of God that you are called to be?

The assertion of Jesus in today’s gospel reading should be a source of great strength for all of us who go by the name Christian. He prepares us with his teaching to empower us for the task ahead. It is a difficult journey, but it will worth all the trouble, because our reward is heaven. Dearly beloved in Christ, our goal is to make heaven by being a worthy instrument in the hand of God. Do not allow anything to deprive you of the opportunity to make eternal life. We pray today as we celebrate the memorial of St. Benedict, that through his intercession God will grant us the grace to live a life that glorifies God at all times. As you do this, may almighty God bless you, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Peace be with you.

Memorial of St. Benedict, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp