First Sunday of Advent Year A

Theme: Waiting in joyful hope

Today is the first Sunday of Advent year A. This is the beginning of a new liturgical year. The season of advent is a time of preparation and expectation of the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and a remembrance of his first coming. This wait in joyful hope and expectation is seen in the readings we have on this 1st Sunday. In view of this, for us to wait in joyful hope and expectation, we must prepare ourselves as the children of light that we are at all times. By so doing, we will be prepared and ready to meet him when he comes at Christmas.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, in the 1st reading of today, the prophet Isaiah presents to us a prophecy of hope for the future of nations. A message that that presents to us a future that is directed and blessed by God. A prophesy that will bring about the reign of Gods peace and blessings among nations and with the light of God reigning supreme among his people.  It talks about a nation where there will be peace and love. There will be war no more, but joy, happiness, love and unity among the people. This is a wonderful word of encouragement from the prophecy of the prophet Isaiah, on this 1st Sunday of advent. This will greatly strengthen our faith, during this season of advent, as we wait on the Lord.

In the 2nd reading of today, from St. Paul’s letter to the Romans, he reminds us of who we are as children of God and what is expected of us too. It is time for us to be awake and live our lives as children of the light. The deeds of darkness have no place in our life. He is simply encouraging us to live a life that is good and pleasing to God. A life that is worthy of the name Christian, and is pleasing to God. We have to let go all the deeds of darkness in our life and allow the light of God to take its place. The deeds of darkness are everything in our life that does not give glory to God. Every one of us has one thing or the other that we need to work on in our life. Present them to God during this season of advent and make conscious effort to drop them from your life.

Dearly beloved in Christ, in the gospel reading of today Jesus admonishes us to be watchful and be at alert, so that we will not be taken on aware. As we wait in joyful expectation, we must continue to work hard and prepare like the children of light, so that we will always be ready and prepared. Let us take the admonition of St. Paul seriously and we will be ready and prepared at all times for the coming of Christ. As we begin the advent season today, may the word of God count in your call to discipleship as a child of God. May the good Lord bless his words in our hearts in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Peace be with you.

First Sunday of Advent Year A, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp