Tuesday week eight in ordinary time year A

Theme: Keep the commandments

As we get back to the ordinary time of the year, after the celebration of Pentecost, the Book of Sirach admonishes us about the need for us to heed the commandments of God. Our ability to keep the law and heed the commandments of God will direct us in the right path that is good and pleasing to God. It is a path that will lead us through the narrow way and help us to attain salvation at the end of our earthly pilgrimage.

 The Book of Sirach gives us an insight about some of the things we should not do as children of God and gave us some of the things we need to practice in our life. One thing that is very important from today’s 1st reading is the fact that we are all encouraged to be charitable and generous in our dealings with one another. Let the sacrifices you make be guided by love of God and neighbours. Always remember that every good action that you carry out, is appreciated, and rewarded by God in his own way and at his own time. None of us can out do God in generosity.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, there is no good action you do that is not rewarded by God. So even if the individual does not appreciate what you have done, as it happens sometimes, God will always appreciate your good actions. The challenges we encounter sometimes as we show people kindness should not stop us from continuing to be good to be other people. There is no doubt that it can be very difficult sometimes but be strong and draw strength from the story of Jesus Christ himself; ten leppers were healed, but only one came back to say thank you to him. We may encounter similar situation in our life from time to time, do not be discouraged dear friends in Christ.

In today’s gospel from St. Mark, Peter wants to know what those who have left anything to follow Jesus stand to gain. The answer of Jesus was very clear to the question Peter asked, no one who has left anything to follow him will not be rewarded for that sacrifice that he or she has made. The answer of Jesus should be a source of great strength for all those who heed the commandments of God, as presented in the 1st reading from the Book of Sirach today. This clearly shows that we cannot out do God in generosity. Simply put, never get tired of doing what is always right, irrespective of whether it is appreciated by people or not, God will always appreciate it.

Dear friends in Christ, to be consistent in doing what is good before God, will place you always among the first in the sight of God and not the last. As you do this, may almighty God bless you in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit. Amen. Peace be with you.

Tuesday of the 8th week in the ordinary time year A, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp