Readings: Acts 10:34a.37-43 Colossians 3:1-4 John 20:1-9

Theme: Alleluia! The Lord has truly risen!

Indeed today is a day of great joy! Christ has risen from the dead as he promised Alleluia. Happy Easter to you all!  The Easter celebration, points out the fact that good has triumphed over evil, truth over falsehood, and light over darkness. Jesus triumphed over death and the grave could not keep him. We are privileged people as Christians, Catholics, and children of GOD. The resurrection of Christ gives meaning to our faith as Christians, because Christ has risen from the dead, he has justified his teachings to us while he lived. The resurrection story brings forth renewal; it brings about change and transformation. It also gives us the opportunity to make firm resolutions about our faith and relationship with God.

The apostles of Jesus, were scared of the people and they did not make the journey to Calvary with Jesus, except Peter from a distance and John. They were scared, they were afraid. The same for john and peter who followed even though Peter denied Jesus at some point they were scared. But it is worthy of note that after the resurrection the story changed, they believed in the resurrection and their faith was resolute. Thus, they preached openly, even when they were harassed by the Jewish authority, they remained steadfast because their faith, confidence and trust were in the resurrected Christ.

We are the Easter people, the Alleluia people, and as such our pilgrimage with the Lord from Ash Wednesday up until the resurrection is a source of great strength for us all. It is expected like Peter captures in today’s second reading that we begin to live like people of Easter, we begin to live like the Alleluia people, we begin to live like transformed people, and we also as renewed people. And as such, things that should matter to us should be things that are of the spirit, things about God, things that will portray us as the Alleluia people.

The second reading encourages us to take the resurrected Christ to the ends of the earth, and it should reflect in our daily lives, it should reflect in our actions, it should reflect in our human relationships and in all that we do. So that it should not only be our words of mouth, but our actions speaking for us.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, the celebration of Easter gives us the  opportunity to proclaim Christ as the light of the world, and we are all children of the light. Wherever we find ourselves our light should shine to dispel darkness and everything that is not of God. Let us make effort to ensure that we continue the good and holy lives we practiced during the season of Lent.  Let us make it part and parcel of our Christian pilgrimage.

The more we do that, the better people we become, and the more we make impact that will continually reflect God’s presence and the light that where ever we find ourselves. That is why it’s a privileged moment, an opportunity that the resurrection of Christ presents to us as children of God. He has given us the power to become true sons and daughters. It is for us to make good use of that which He presents to us today. Because we have risen with Him, we are transformed, we are a new people, we are the Alleluia people; and it should reflect in our lives, and in all that we do. Let it bring renewal to our lives, and those who encounter us will feel the presence and goodness of God, and glorify God for his presence in our lives.

We pray on this Easter Sunday that God in His infinite goodness and love will continue to strengthen us through the power of resurrection and make us true disciples and bearers of his light among his people. Peace be with you. Amen. 


Homily for Easter Sunday Year B, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp