Saturday of the 2nd week in the ordinary time of the year 2

Theme: Selflessness

In our readings today, one word that comes out very clearly is the selflessness; that of David, after receiving the news of the death of Saul and his son Jonathan, who was a good friend to David. In the gospel reading, we see the selflessness of Jesus and his disciples, such that they had no time to have their meal. They were more concerned about attending to the needs of the people.

This attitude that is seen in both the 1st reading and the gospel is an invitation to us, as Christians and children of God. Especially taking into consideration the level of greed and self-centredness in our world today. Gradually selflessness is becoming a thing of the past. This has given rise to the decay we see in our world today. Those elected into office for the common good, are more concerned with enriching themselves, families and friends.

Today’s liturgy invites us in a very special way to emulate Jesus and David in our dealings with other people. Let us try to think and put others into consideration as we act. We must always remember that whatever position we hold today, is a gift and when the time comes, we will account for our stewardship; when the time comes, may we not be found wanting.

May the Lord bless his words in our hearts.

Saturday of the 2nd week of the ordinary time Year 2, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp