Friday of the 3rd week in ordinary time Year 2

Theme: What type of seed are you sowing?

Today we celebrate the memorial of St. Thomas Aquinas, priest and Doctor of the church. He died at the age of 49, but he sowed a seed that is enduring through his knowledge and writings. His theological writings are still relevant in our own time. He used his intelligence to propagate the faith from generation to generation. In view of this, we are all encouraged to make good use of the gifts that God has given us for the greater glory of God and the good of humanity. We all have a gift that is capable of enthroning the presence of God in our world, just like St. Thomas Aquinas.

In the 1st reading, we see David making a very destructive mistake. That is why as humans, we must continually strive to be close to God at all times to avoid such mistakes. Just like David, we may have a weakness that we are not proud of in our life, what are you doing about it? Or you have accepted it as something you cannot change? As humans and children of God, we are capable of letting go our human weakness if we make effort and trust in God. The grace of God is sufficient for us. Sin separates us from the Divine; let us make effort to stay away from mortal sins in our life. That way we will be sowing lasting seeds in the lives of those who encounter us.

Jesus likens the kingdom of God to a seed that is sown, and how it grows no one knows. This is one of the mysteries of God that the human reasoning cannot comprehend. But we all can contribute in our own little ways to promote the growth of a lasting seed; by imbibing the gospel imperatives and living a life that is worthy of the name Christian.

May God grant us the grace to live a life that is worthy of emulation. Peace be with you.

Memorial of St. Thomas Aquinas, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp