Wednesday of the 15th week in ordinary time of the year A

Ex. 3: 1-6.9-12     Mat. 11: 25-27

Theme: Gods mission

In the 1st reading of today from the Book of Exodus, we see how God decided to give Moses the mission to go back to Egypt, where he ran away from in the past. To tell Pharoah to let the Israelites go, because of their suffering in the hands of the Egyptians. It is interesting to note how God makes his decisions and choose those to send on his mission. Moses pointed out the fact that he was not qualified to go to Pharoah to make such a request, but the Lord insisted and assured him that he will be with him, so he should not be afraid, and he will equally give him a sign.

This situation that Moses have found himself in the 1st reading of today, reiterates the assertion that “the ways of God are different from our human ways”. I believe God is saying something to all of us in the 1st reading of today. Sometimes he sends us on a mission that is beyond our human understanding, and we begin to have doubts about whether to carry out the mission or not. One thing that is very clear about the missioning of God is that it is often difficult and challenging according to human standards. We also see how God mandated Abraham to leave his country to a land he will show him, by so doing, moving him from his comfort zone to the unknown. It was a difficult task for him, but he obeyed God and went ahead, and he was richly blessed at the end.

One of the interesting things about the missioning of God is that it may be very discomforting at the beginning, but at the end it is accompanied with the blessings of God. Never look at the situation from the point of view of your human strength alone, he will always accompany you with his spiritual support. So, if at any point in time your human strength fails you and you become weary, he will give you grace to carry on the task he has entrusted to you. Always know you are never alone; God is always with you. So, the situation will not overwhelm you, because God will always supply you the necessary things that will see you through the difficulties and the challenges that you will encounter on your way. Obedience to the mission of God is all that is needed. May the Lord bless his words in our hearts, in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit. Amen. Peace be with you.


Wednesday of the 15th week in ordinary time year A, by Fr. Jude Ifeanyi Ifezime, C.S.Sp